Day 1

This was my second hunt for the elusive keen eyed Kansas Eastern’s with K&K Outfitters.  Arrived at camp and was re-united with some of the same great folks I had hunted with a couple years ago and met a few new ones.  Camp life is pretty laid back with great food, good conversations, and some tall tales being shared.  First morning came early, rolling out at 4 am to find a good bush or tree to try and blend in with.  Just before day break I was surrounded by gobbles, but couldn’t see anything, yet.  Light broke and activity began to increase, the problem was the birds decided to come out on the other side of the pasture.  It did not matter how sexy and seductive my calling was, these birds would not cross the pasture.  2 big fat Toms were right there, the problem was that “right there” was over 100 yards away.

We had activity all morning and by the afternoon, we barely heard a sound.  It seemed like they had just disappeared and then all of a sudden, bam! there is a Tom strutting his stuff not making a noise.  They first day went on like this until late in the afternoon.  There were a few people that got their bird that day and 1 that had got his limit, which are all good signs.

Day 2, First Turkey
The second morning, I was privileged enough to go out with Keaton to hunt.  This time I was able to leave my sexy calling in the bag and just focus on shooting the bird(s).  We made our way to a new hunting ground and put a sneak into the darkness as close to what we thought might be the roost.  As light broke on the 2nd morning, Keaton started in on the slate, that would make the Gobblers knees just melt, how could they resist such a smooth talker?  Surely this was my morning to bust a Tom.

We heard a couple gobbles and began working him in.  In the mean time we changed our location 2 more times, only about 40 yards or so from our first position in anticipation of where he might come out of the timber.  Bingo! We guessed right and we tucked ourselves into some huge Oak trees, once he was in range he was mine.  One turkey down and in the bag by 7:30 am.

Kansas Eastern Turkey 2nd BirdDay 2, Second Turkey

Just because we had one, did not mean it was quitting time.  Now it was time for Tom #2.  We loaded up and drove around as we scouted various properties.  I had mentioned to Keaton that I saw some good Toms at the place I was at yesterday afternoon.  We drove there, nestled ourselves into the brush and began to doze off as the spring morning light began to shine.  I have always been able to get a good nap while spring turkey hunting.  Unfortunately, the way these Eastern’s had clammed up, I knew if I did not stay awake they would sneak right by me.

After a couple minutes Keaton began his sweet talking again and about 20 minutes into this hunt, a really nice 3 year Tom pokes his head around the corner.  Hmmm, that is going to be an awkward shot because I knew if I moved he would see me.  Lucky break, he turned and faced the other direction and I quickly moved my gun over to him and he gave me about a 12 inch window to shoot.  Close enough, Tom number 2 in the bag on day 2 by 10:30am.